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I have treasured this & built this set around the orig. Collab effort between Brett & Eric. The Yulich spike is a feekin work of art just like Erics knives. I have admired the craftsmanship many times & although I have never used it… the spike is truly a treasure to hold & look at. The other items are misc. Luther treasure that I made into a box set. Everything here is rare or completely unattainable & this set like my others is the only box set like this in existence. 1 only.!

-Custom wood, Luther knives storage case.

-Custom Luther Orphan applique.

-Custom Yulich spike with the most amazing colorway, design & texture.

-Custom Lanyard with Raygun division titanium bead for spike.

-Mini, Zombie green Luther patch.

-Custom, color matched, Luther, titanium  knife scale bottle opener.

-Custom tied  lanyard with titanium Raygun division lanyard bead.

-Titanium Luther key chain

-Damascus Luther key chain

-Mokuti Luther key chain

-Stainless split ring for keychains

-Luther knives sticker

-This, to my knowledge, is the only collaborative set like this that has ever been made. I have never seen another although I know he has probably done other collaborations.( See my other posts for unique, 1 off custom box sets.)

I can provide action vids for anyone interested & I will time/date stamp the vid so you know it’s current. I’ve done much business here & been here as well as other groups for years so you can have full confidence in your purchase. I will overnight the package with tracking & signature required in basically a bullet proofed package. I have always done this in the past. (I vid that process time/date stamped so you can see exactly what to expect in the package.) I do all this because that’s what I expect when I buy & I request this every time. Seems like common sense but I am still shocked at how I receive things sometimes…  I will waive & cover the goods & services fee so buyer has buyer protection & the price shown is the price paid. Buy with confidence & score a very rare set today..!

Box set including all that I have listed: fifteen hondo or best.

Eric Luther Knives: Luther/Yulich collaborative box set

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$900.00Sale Price
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