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-Extremely nice and very well kept… pretty much a brand new truck. Built this truck to haul our 5th wheel then ended up never using the 5th wheel trailer and sold it. Now have no use for this incredible truck. The truck runs. Drives and operates flawlessly. Miles are extremely low on average and this truck has basically been restored to new front to back and top to bottom.  This is the highest optioned version of this truck with the full size 8’ bed and it comes fully loaded with all the best Ford had to offer including the power sunroof and power back window slider. The sweet locking bed cover keeps your gear dry and out of the weather.

-Complete 3 ring binder housing all receipts and showing all work/maintenance that’s been done.

-Every light and lens, both front and rear on this vehicle has been replaced. The lighting used was the highest intensity LED lighting available. New, modern actual headlight and tail light assemblies were installed for flawless lighting as well as a very original look that sets this truck apart with style! There are independently controlled front and rear flood lights for ultimate night time lighting and emergency use.

-Truck is set up with frame mounted receivers both front and rear for multiple attachment points and accessories.

-Engine completely Bullet proofed with all ARP, New turbo, New cooling system, Tons of protective and heavy duty parts installed to make this truck last a lifetime way more capable than it was from the factory. Engine has only ever ran full synthetic oil since work was done and services are all current. Oil was just changed as per schedule less than 500 miles ago. Engine runs flawlessly and very strong.

-Edge computer controller for the ultimate protection and control over the engine performance, protection and monitoring. The Edge has protective programs that protect the engine from over working and blowing up. An example of this is if someone uses the truck and doesn’t understand how to use the towing mode to tow properly or climb grades while loaded the computer will take over and ensure the engine does not suffer. Additionally it gives all the critical readings you desire related to engine temp, oil temp, EGT, coolant temp and much more at a glance thru the digital screen on the dash. Very easy to control, adjust and use for diagnostics if you desire.

-Large diameter upgraded exhaust system from the turbo back with resonated stainless chrome tip.

-Transmission started failing right after we bought it so it also has been upgraded and bullet proofed with the best of everything. Fluid is full synthetic with heavy duty filter and gasket installed.

-Rear differential is the heaviest duty axle that Ford put in these trucks. It’s a posi-trac rear end and the fluid has been replaced and serviced with in the last year with full synthetic rear diff fluid including the posi-trac additive required by Ford.

-The front interior has been replaced with factory replacement leather seats and extra heavy duty seat foams so the seats are like sitting in brand new truck seats… They are brand new with  Ford upgraded seat foam that will probably outlast the truck.  The rear interior is in great shape and has the fold up center console with cup holders and storage for the rear seat as well as the front.

-The truck bed has been Line-X coated and bullet proofed with heavy duty attachment points mounted in each corner for load control.

-Includes a complete and installed frame mounted, made in the USA, Companion 5th wheel  hitch assembly. This is already frame mounted and ready to go. It’s barely been used so its all like brand new and truly the strongest, most reliable and safest  5th wheel assembly on the market today!

-Custom 18” billet wheels that are stronger, lighter and better looking than any factory wheel by far. Mated up with the best tire you can buy with the heaviest load and tire rating available for this truck. Load range E BFG all terrain tires that are basically brand new. If your still not convinced you are looking at an incredible value here just price the wheel and tire on this truck.

-New shocks front and rear. Lifetime warrantee, Rancho gas adjust shock absorbers control the ride on this truck while also having the ability to automatically adjust to driving conditions. This allows for an amazing on road ride that’s smooth as glass on the streets or highway and completely under control while towing or off road.

-New Brakes front and rear. All brakes were done with in the last year. Brakes included: rotors, calipers and hardware front and rear. Brake pads were upgraded to the highest quality emergency vehicle use designed for emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulance, police etc… best you can buy and actually do work better with no dust and much better stopping distance than factory.

-Absolutely incredible Pioneer DVD blue tooth sound system integrated with no hacking or cutting. (all done very clean like factory) Spared no expense having this system custom built to provide the highest quality sound. The system was installed cleanly using only the highest quality components.  Front and rear camera capable system allows for view of surroundings without leaving the cab of the truck. This makes hooking up to the rear hitch simple as you can see the hitch while you back up thru the camera and land right under the spot you need every time, the 1st time!  

-Ceramic tinted windows. There is a reason this tint is so expensive. It really works at dramatically reducing sun temps while also being incredibly durable. Heat reduction is nearly twice that of regular tinted windows. Ceramic will be cooler than standard tint that’s even much darker. The ceramic coating is the magic and it is amazing!

-Complete high end weather tech floor mat set for front and rear floors. If you don’t see a trend here I can explain. These mats are the highest quality floor mats you can buy for many reasons. I have them in all my vehicles and they are the only mats designed by laser light to exactly fit the interior of the vehicle they are designed for. The mats are designed to hold an amazing amount of water, snow, mud or muck without allowing it to damage or stain the carpet. These mats are bullet proof and functional works of art.

-I built this truck to provide my family with a lifetime of use and enjoyment but the 5th wheel didn’t end up being our thing. If you need a good truck under $60-70K this is the one.  If you spend the $60-70k you will still have to work thru any factory issues and failures as well as any upgrades to make it a good truck. Trust me when I say the only thing you really get from the dealer is a pretty truck that drives. You get to find out all the deficiencies from the factory as you go. Come see for yourself and take home a good truck for a fraction of the new truck price. $25,000 or best offer.   

2005 Ford F350 fully optioned Lariat Super Duty - New engine, Turbo and Trans

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